Hell Yeah – Ab – Soul ft Schoolboy Q


Did Ab- Soul inspire Kendricks Control verse? two years ago Soul called out rappers names as well. Of course it wasnt a big deal back then but now that he’s getting the shine he deserves it could. “Hell yeah we been patrolin the game, watchin the throne/Plottin on Jay and Kanye/Marshall and Andre/Lil Wayne, Drake/Wiz Khalifa, Wale/That bitch Nicki, J. Cole, Rozay” Granted Ab-Soul’s spotlight was (and still is) a bit dimmer than that of his Compton compadre’s, but could his boldfaced challenge that was spat on a 2011 song (which actually featured K Dot vocals) have inspired Kendrick two years later? Or is it a coincidence?

Childish Gambino – 3005


Track featured on his upcoming project “Because Of The Internet”. A dedication to a special someone, explaining that he’ll be right by her side for a long time. A mixture of a sound like Drake and Kanye but he shows that its his own. This song is a cute dedication.