Slum Village “Evolution” Snippets (Audio)

Notes From The Underground


Havoc, Blu, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Rapper Big Pooh, Joe Scudda and more all make guest appearances join Slum Village’s upcoming new album,  “Evolution.” Listen to snippets of the album below

Slum Village “Evolution

1. Braveheart f. Havoc (prod. Young RJ)

2. Rock Rock f. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Rapper Big Pooh (prod. Young RJ)

3. Let It Go f. Blu (prod. Young RJ)

4. Forever (prod. Young RJ & T3)

5. Scared Money f. Early Mac (prod. Young RJ & Early Mac)

6. Summer Breeze (prod. Focus)

7. The Line f. Focus (prod. Young RJ)

8. Hustle f. Vice & J Ivy (prod. Young RJ)

9. Bout That f. Focus (prod. Young RJ)

10. 1 Nite f. Vice (prod. Focus)

11. Greatness f. Joetka (prod. Young RJ)

12. Riot f. Rapper Big Pooh & Joe Scudda (prod. Young RJ)

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